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Jenni is a actor, writer. and videographer hailing from the American Midwest and currently living in Seoul, South Korea. This actor pursues other artistic endeavors such as drawing, painting, and photography. She has enjoyed traveling much of the United States and now other countries like South Korea, Japan, and more.

"I have 3 rules; always ask, the worst you'll get is a no. Always be kind, you never know who needs it. Never stand still, the world doesn't stop moving and you'll be left behind if you do."


Jenni has been dedicated to making a path for herself as an actor and strives to give her best with every performance.  She has also become quite knowledgeable in sound engineering and editing since she has been representing herself for all voice over work attained so far. All of her audio is recorded and mixed from her in-home studio.

She has prior experience in theater production, classical and modern acting, improvisational acting, ADR/dubbing, as well as musical knowledge as a flutist for more than a decade.



Jenni's talents extend not only to character spots, but also narration, commercial advertising, public service announcing, Classically trained actor with strong roots in improvisational and stage acting, voice acting, ADR recording, sound editing, stage direction, production, and directing. Accomplished writer of fiction for personal enjoyment. Creator and designer of costumes with experience in concept designing, sewing, and creating a finished look. A McGuyver of broken things with an aptitude of problem solving of both physical and figurative issues. Other skills include training in flute for group performance (10 years), singing, dance, firearms safety and use, archery, horseback riding (English and Western styles), accent and dialect experience, video games, ADR/dubbing and so much more! She is also able to replicate a multitude of accents and regional dialects from the USA and many other countries.

Contact Memphis Rose Talent Management at and (208)297-4933

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