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Welcome to Korea...


Let's Go! 한국GO! is an upcoming YouTube Project set to Premier around November/December 2022. Let's Go is a project to discover the wonders of the Korean Peninsula and surrounding areas through Travel, Culture, and learning Korean as we explore together. It is through discovering more about each other that greater understanding can be achieved. The series will uncover amazing tourist spots, food, etiquette, entertainment, history, life in Korea as a foreigner, and so much more. We will begin in Seoul and venture forth from city to city.

Join the fun on Patreon and as a member you will gain access to extra content like early access before YouTube with exclusive b-roll, weekly livestreams to chat with me, behind the scene footage, discord server access, exclusive merchandise, and what ever other fun things we come up with together!

New episodes air on Fridays at 12pm EST on YouTube and 24 hours earlier on Patreon for those Subscribers

Grilled Beef

Episode One: Moving to Seoul;A How To Guide

Our adventure begins with how and why I moved to Seoul and what I had to accomplish that. I cover my own experience with Korean language, as well as passports, work visas, flights, planning, and much more.

Don't forget to join on Patreon to see whats coming next week before the video launches!



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